Hello and thank you for joining the Montgomery Area Musicians Association! What started off as a small gathering of music lovers has become an active organization of individuals, families, venues, business and musicians all working for a common cause.  MAMA is a non-profit organization established to serve, educate, and promote local area musicians and the community.  Our goal is to promote and raise awareness of local professional musicians and bands to local music venues, event planners, and the citizens of the Montgomery area.  Our vision and mission statements also include making contributions to local charities and supporting music education for all ages, through music education workshops, in partnership with our local musicians.

As a new member and supporter we want to encourage you to get involved not only by attending shows and events, but also attending our quarterly open board meetings to meet and fellowship with other like-minded music supporters.  The meetings are held on the first Monday of every third month, unless otherwise announced.   The meetings start promptly at 6:30 PM and are over by 8:00PM.  We meet at Jan’s Beach House at 850 Eastern Blvd. and encourage you to participate and share your ideas with us!

If you are a part of the Facebook online community, you will be able to access our Montgomery Area Musicians pages where you can participate in conversations about upcoming events, share your gigs/events, find musicians looking for other musicians, share music equipment for sale, post videos, see how you can be involved, etc.   We also have a MAMA Musicians & Supporters page for everyone to check out where meeting minutes are posted if you can’t make a meeting.  You can also access our website at www.montgomerymusicians.org.We welcome your input and hope that you will take advantage of this valuable resource!

MAMA membership benefits include:

    Live Music Fans/Supporters:

  • -The opportunity to support music education for all ages
  • -The opportunity to play a vital role in furthering the area’s music scene
  • -The opportunity to meet/support/hear great local musicians and their original music
  • The opportunity to mentor others
  • The opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests
  • The opportunity to “be in the know” about local events and the music scene


  • Opportunity to promote, and have MAMA and its supporters promote, your band or business/venue on both our Facebook pages and on our website
  • Opportunity to find musicians needed for gigs/gigs who need musicians
  • Opportunity to receive MAMA supported band bookings and recommendations
  • Opportunity to meet new musicians, network and make new friends with similar interests
  • Opportunity to jam with other local musicians
  • Opportunity to have free advertisement for you band or business
  • Opportunity to be positive mentors to local children through our music education workshops
  • Opportunity to sell your merchandise at any MAMA event
  • Opportunity to mentor or learn from other talented musicians
  • Opportunity to be a positive influence in our community through music
  • Opportunity to get discounts on entrance to MAMA events

We know that life gets busy, but hope you will make time to join us at our meetings and events. We encourage you to bring a friend, whether they are a musician, or a music supporter.  We will be happy to introduce you to other members who share your interests. Your support and involvement is the key to maintaining the success of our organization.

All of us at MAMA want to express our appreciation for your support in our endeavor! Together we can make positive differences in our community through music!


Alesia Gilliland, President

Montgomery Area Musicians Association

Now that you’ve signed up, we’d like some more information about you.  Please fill out this form.  If you are a renewing member and any of your previous information has changed, please provide it below.