Welcome to the Montgomery Area Musicians Association!

The Montgomery Area Musicians Association was formed several years ago by a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to work together to help develop and promote local musicians and to make a positive impact on our local community through music.

MAMA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization established to do just that. We serve, develop and promote area musicians, and the venues that support them. We also offer free music education to children of all ages in our community, and encourage budding musicians.  We feel these are important aspects of the association.  In addition, we support other local nonprofits and help with fund raisers for our community members and/or their families in time of need.

Our River Region area has produced a multitude of world class musicians in a variety of musical genres including jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, country, rock, folk and others.  MAMA works to continue this tradition.  By supporting the talented musicians in the Montgomery area (50 mile radius), we ARE carrying on the tradition.

We believe that our local musicians and the supporting venues deserve community support, and we want to grow that support.  We want to ensure the members of our community, as well as the music venues, event planners and performance venues are made aware of all the talented musicians we have in our area. The more support MAMA receives, the more positive accomplishments we can make in our community.  Come join us!

Alesia Gilliland, MAMA President

Providing opportunities for Montgomery’s bands and musicians!

Introducing youth and the public to music performance through music education workshops!

Working with local charities and fundraisers to enhance public participation and appreciation for live music

When discussing MAMA membership, which is due every February, people often ask “What’s in it for me?”

While we continue to support all local musicians, memberships now include benefits for being a MAMA member, in addition to the positive feelings received from supporting the activities this organization provides in our community.  These benefits include:

  • Musicians encouraging and learning from other musicians
  • Showing support for the local businesses
  • Helping stimulate the River Region economy
  • Providing assistance to musicians in time of need
  • Offering music education workshops to work with and inspire our children and young adults
  • Donating to other local non-profits such as The Boys and Girls Club, disabled vets and the Montgomery Area Food Bank.
  • Our business & venue members will receive a free video ad which will be posted on the top of our pages and “featured” on a rotating basis.
  • Members will receive a free MAMA banner to post at their venues or gigs if they so desire.
  • Members will receive access to MAMA events at a discounted rate.
  • Members will receive priority when booking or when contacted for musician recommendations.
  • Members’ businesses will receive free promotion.
  • Members will have additional networking opportunities.
  • Volunteers for our events will get in free and can meet/support talented local musicians.
  • Members will have the opportunity to support music education for the children in our community.
  • Members will be able to sell their merchandise at any MAMA event.
  • Band members will have articles (or updated articles) in the Go Play! Section of the Montgomery Advertiser in the MAMA’s Corner section.
  • Musicians and business members are allowed to post gigs, videos, and links on our MAMA Musicians & Supporters Group Facebook Page, as well as on our other public Montgomery Area Musicians Association Facebook Page.  This is a great tool for advertisement..  They can also submit videos and links for inclusion on the Band Showcase section of our website.

When you support the Montgomery Area Musicians Association, you support US as a community!

We hope you will join us as we continue to work together for the betterment of our local music scene and our community.    You can join on the website (www.montgomerymusicians.org), you can mail in your membership to MAMA @ 305 Halter Ridge Mont., Al. 36117 or you can contact any officer.  Everyone is also encouraged to like our Facebook pages to keep up with MAMA and other area events.

We want to continue to build upon the accomplishments which have already been made by this association in our community:

  • Maintain a positive working relationship with Montgomery city officials and encourage them to use/promote local musicians for their events
  • Support local businesses by providing free advertisement for the shows and events at their establishments and/or advertising their business services
  • Provide free advertising and promotion to local musicians and continue to offer them the opportunity to link their band pages to ours as further support
  • Periodically hold MAMA jams to expose musicians of all ages to people in the community, offer a place for them to perform and gather experience and to encourage musicians of all ages and experience to meet and network
  • Grow our Facebook page(s) in order to inform musicians and the general public about the local music scene
  • Donate to other local charities and to musicians and their families in time of need
  • Provide sample contracts for musicians to use as needed (on website)
  • Book local musicians -100% of that money will go to the musicians since we do not charge a booking fee
  • Hold events which promote our musicians/organization to the community
  • Provide music education workshops for students.
  • Continue to establish positive relationships with other local groups and businesses
  • Advertise and promote various job opportunities and gigs for musicians through a variety of media outlets
  • Inform musicians of PR opportunities which may be available to them
  • Distribute MAMA brochures with information about our association to people and businesses in our community
  • Offer the opportunity for musicians to sell their merchandise at MAMA events
  • Encourage and promote musicians who write and perform original music
  • Continue building a community of passionate people to encourage, advocate and educate through music
MAMA supports music education in the community!

MAMA supports music education in the community!