Montgomery Area Musicians Association (MAMA) is an all- volunteer non-profit organization that celebrates the area’s rich musical heritage, operates with charitable or educational purposes and encourages people to request the high-quality music our local musicians have to offer.


  • Promote the advancement of area musicians ensuring that community members, music venues, event planners and performance venues are made aware of the talented musicians in our area
  • Make charitable donations to musicians and/or their families in time of need
  • Provide promotional support for the river region’s economy
  • Support music education by providing free music education workshops
  • Bring together musicians of today & tomorrow


Anyone who attends 3 consecutive board meetings and wishes to volunteer to serve on the board will be eligible for a seat on the advisory board, subject to executive panel review and vote.  If a board member misses three consecutive board meetings in a calendar year, that person may be asked to relinquish their seat on the board. Ask anyone interested to contact us.


When discussing MAMA membership people ask, “What’s in it for me?” Some benefits of membership include:

Music Lovers:

  • Advance notification of events and opportunities
  • Discounts at MAMA events & on MAMA merchandise
  • The opportunity to support music education for all ages
  • Inclusion on our mailing list
  • The opportunity to play a vital role in furthering the area’s music scene
  • Opportunity to support/hear great local musicians and their original music
  • The opportunity to mentor others


  • Musicians will be featured in articles in the GoPlay! section of the Montgomery Advertiser
  • Band and musician promotion on the Member Showcase section of the website, with links to their music streams, websites and Facebook content
  • Members will receive priority when MAMA is contacted for musician and band recommendations
  • Advance notification of events and opportunities
  • Opportunity to promote, and have MAMA promote, your band or business
  • Opportunity to have free professionally designed flyers for gigs/events
  • Find musicians needed for gigs
  • MAMA supported band bookings
  • Opportunity to meet new musicians and make new friends
  • Opportunity to jam with/learn from other local musicians
  • Educational music workshops
  • Opportunity to sell your merchandise at any MAMA event
  • Opportunity to mentor others

By supporting MAMA, you will be helping to support area musicians and local live Live Music Fans/Supporters.


  • Established a relationship with Montgomery City officials to encourage them to use/promote area musicians for their events
  • Supported local businesses by sponsoring shows/events at their establishments and/or using their business services such as Guest House Studios, new Media Streaming, Tommy House Productions, Yeti Entertainment, Powersounds USA, the Blue Iguana, the Irish Bred Pub, the Thirsty Turtle, the Capital City Club, Deja Vu, Riverwalk Ampitheatre, Kwik Copy Shop, the Capital City Oyster Bar, Bluewater Broadcasting, Cumulus Broadcasting, Carl’s Country and It’ll Do Tavern
  • Established this website and the MAMA Facebook accounts to keep the public up to date on events/accomplishments/opportunities offered
  • Free advertising/promotion to bands, offering them the opportunity to link their band pages to ours for further support
  • Held 37 MAMA monthly jams to expose musicians of all ages and genres to people in the community, offer a place to perform and gather experience, encourage musicians to meet and network
  • Obtained approximately almost 4,000 followers on the Facebook page with a reach of over 10,000 people at this point
  • Made donations to the following:
    • All of our Business Members and all of the musicians most in need during the Covid-19 pandemic
    • Donated musical instruments to deserving students
    • Montgomery Area Food Bank
    • The family of Jimmy Gilbert to help with burial expenses
    • The late Jimmy Brooks to help purchase a new wheelchair lift
    • Ray Humphrey to help pay for medical expenses
    • The Boys and Girl’s Club of the River Region
  • Used positive advocacy to help settle/resolve issues between venues and musicians
  • Produced a live streaming event “Friday Night Live” promoting local musicians and our organization, which received national attention and was broadcast worldwide
  • Booked approximately 200 shows for area musicians (members and non-members), resulting in over $100,000 of commission free revenue to area artists and has never charged any booking fees to artists or venues
  • Sponsored/organized free benefits to those in need and to local First Responders
  • Held three highly successful MAMA Over Montgomery events, promoting area musicians and businesses at the Capital City Club
  • Established a Music Education Committee which has held many highly successful workshops for students, which have earned positive reviews from the musicians, students and their families
  • Established supportive partnerships with local groups such as Helicity, the Alabama Roots Music Society, the Alabama Blues & Jazz Federation, venues such as the Creek Casino, Montgomery Performing Arts Center, and local nightclubs and music venues
  • Supported Jazz & Blues Night at local venues
  • Advertised and promoted various job opportunities for area musicians
  • Encouraged/arranged/informed musicians of public relations opportunities/performances with various media/chances to play on air at various radio stations
  • Distributed hundreds of brochures with information about MAMA and advertising for business members
  • Promoted local musicians/events through various media outlets including print, TV and radio
  • Encouraged/promoted musicians/singer-songwriters with original music to build a community of passionate people to encourage, advocate and educate on the subject of music